Seongji Industry got awarded for “Sigfox Partner Award 2019”


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On November 12th to 14th, Sigfox Partner conference held in Osaka and Tokyo. The point of this conference is to exchange relationship between the Sigfox related companies, and also for a better good of solutions. There were 55 companies with 96 people participated in Osaka, and 95 companies with 175 people in Tokyo for the conference.

(Photo: ‘Sigfox Partner Award 2019’ held in Tokyo)

Starting from this conference, Sigfox awards to the partners who were actively engaged in increased awareness and expansion. Total 10 out of 230 companies were awarded.

(Photo: November 14, 2019 Sigfox Partner Award)

(Photo: Kasai giving a statement after getting awarded)

Seongji Industry’s Kasai, one of the awardees, stated: “I am so proud to get awarded. In 2019, a growing number of customers have been able to deliver thousands to millions of units in Japan. Also, we are ready to enter the market of tracking devices using Sigfox Monarch for next month. These tracking devices would lead the new market by internationally, and I highly feel confidence on the growth of market. Lastly, we will continuously dash forward as a Global Module Partner.”

Seongji Industry is a representative company of producing harness, PBA, cables and IB Accessory packages in Republic of Korea. On April 1st 2019, Seongji Industry took over Wisol’s IoT department for the future business, which leads the trend of Sigfox Modules.