We will become the “Best Partner” in the IoT Module and Touch Screen

business with SJIT’s competitive edge that impresses customers.

Leading the Future
of Connectivity

The IoT Division has been developing and manufacturing connectivity modules since 2010 and has a diverse portfolio of wireless solutions ranging from modules for low-speed communication to high-speed communication.

Home IoT modules based on WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave are applied to TVs, home appliances, etc., and are expected to continue to grow in line with the expansion of smart device connectivity.

In addition, we have Sigfox, LoRa modules, and asset tracker devices using LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology, and are working to secure mid- to long-term sales through collaboration with domestic and foreign telecommunication service providers and device manufacturers.

Innovative Design and
Technology of Touch Solution

We develop and manufacture a variety of components focusing on touch screens and touch switches in the field of touch input solutions

Based on production technology and quality control capabilities accumulated through over 20 years of experience, we respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs.

Besides, SJIT’s touch solution is widely used as an input device for various electronic devices and products by taking full advantage of the convenience of design and intuitive input method.

Innovation and Satisfaction

We are committed to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

SJIT seeks to open the future with leadership in technology and design and grow together with consumers and partners in the global market.

We appreciate your joining us on our journey to create the future together!

SJIT Vision

“CATCH UP 2030”

Sale Performance
1.2 trillion won

Customer Quality

Work Efficiency
30% Better

Risk &
Loss Zero