We will become the “Best Partner” in the IoT Module and Touch Screen business
with SJIT’s competitive edge that impresses customers.




Building Customer Trust through Immediate Quality Response

2023. 08.Hyundai Motor SQ certification approval

2022. 11.Awarded “Productivity Achievement, MOTIE”

2021. 10.Mass production of 21.5” touch screen for home appliances




Rapid Development Response
And Development Technology
specialized for Automotive Applications

2020. 01.Production of 49” touch screen for gaming

2019. 03.Mass production of touch switches for vehicles (for AVN, Audio, HVAC)

2018. 08.IATF 16949 conversion certification approval

2017. 06.Production of large-size touch screens (32”, 43”)

2017. 06.Partnership with Sequans

2016. 04.SKT LoRa module partner selection

2016. 08.Sigfox standard module partner selection

2014. 10.Mass production of 7.0” PFF structure touch screen

2014. 08.Partnership with Qualcomm

2013. 01.Production of 23” capacitive touch screen

2013. 01.Launch of Wi-Fi SIP module for smartphones

2011. 12.Production of 8.0” capacitive touch screen for vehicles

2011. 12.Mass production of 17-key capacitive touch switches

2011. 08.TS 16949 certification approval

2011. 02.Launch of BT, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi modules for TV




Production Technology accumulated based on Touch Screen Mass Production Performance

2010. 06.ISO 9001/14001 certification approval

2010. 12.Business commencement of wireless communication module

2008. 03.Established SJT in Korea