Product Information

LPWAN modules

The LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) module family includes advanced technologies such as Sigfox, LoRa, and HaLow. These technologies have different characteristics and are used in various environments and industries. Sigfox provides long-distance communications with ultra-bandwidth technology and low power, and provides asset tracking, smart metering, and environmental monitoring solutions. LoRa is a technology that enables secure two-way communication and is used to build wide and powerful networks in smart cities, agriculture, industrial IoT, etc. Based on the IEEE 802.11ah standard and with the extended range and low power characteristics of Wi-Fi, HaLow is suitable for smart home devices, industrial automation, outdoor IoT deployments, etc. HaLow also provides stable connectivity even over long distances.
These LPWAN modules provide innovative solutions in various fields from smart cities to agriculture and industrial automation.