Environment Management

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Environment Management

We have established and are implementing the policy to protect the environment by minimizing environmental damage caused by production activities and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

The economic development of a company must be done in a way that keeps the environment healthy to make our common future sustainable. We need to execute economic activities to protect environment and product profit at the same time, which is a crucial factor for overcoming global environmental crisis.

SJIT is working to make a meaningful change in human and business activities. We will recognize environment as one of our primary values of our management activities and fulfill our social responsibilities in order to preserve environment.

Efforts to regulate environmentally harmful substances

Global interest is enhanced and regulated materials is expanded through the laws of each country and the periodic monitoring of the international environment association. Based on environmental management system, SJIT is trying to minimize environmental damage by regulating and improving the usage of the materials harmfully affecting the human body and environment for the consumer goods used by people such as electric good, home appliances, vehicles, and life articles.

SJIT acquired ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management system, in 2004 and systematically identifies, evaluates, manages and improves environmental aspect.

  • Direct cost savings through minimizing waste and energy consumption
  • Preventing and minimizing environmental accidents
  • Compliance with environmental laws
  • Solving environmental problems through continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Overcoming foreign trade barriers through international trust
  • Image improvement as a green company